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Standard assays have been extended with the ability to test for DOACS and antifibrinolytics

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ClotPro is a 6 channel viscoelastometry analyzer, designed for the rapid analysis of whole blood coagulation.

It offers a unique combination of ease of use, flexibility, and throughput (6 channels for parallel testing).

The active-tip  cartridge technology is designed to eliminate reagent handling , increase ease of use, reduce waste and  reduce time performing tests on the ClotPro analyzer.

ClotPro enables the detection and assessment of factor deficiencies, low fibrinogen, platelet contribution (to whole blood coagulation), heparin and DOAC effects, fibrinolysis and antifibrinolytic drugs.

The system provides excellent correlation to conventional viscoelastometry analyzers.


ClotPro offers 9 tests, the established screening assays (EX-test, FIB-test, AP-test, IN-test, HI-test) and new assays for drug monitoring (RVV-test, ECA-test, TPA-test, NA-test).

Small pack sizes (10 cartridges) further assists cost management and are ideal for smaller sites.


The ClotPro® active-tip  cartridges  eliminates all reagent handling without requiring to run fixed 4 channel test panels.

Allowing flexibility in testing, the technology brings back the power to choose what tests are performed, reducing cost .

The diagnostic proficiency of visco-elastometry has been significantly enhanced by the development of three innovative assays designed to reflect advances in therapeutics.

Each active tip comes individually sealed with room temperature stability, preventing any wastage and keeping costs down.

Test panels  can be configured, selecting the tests you want performed for specific clinical or research applications, for each site.


How it Works

ClotPro uses Elastic Motion Thrombelastography, an improved new generation viscoelastometry technique.

Similar to conventional thromboelastometry systems the surfaces of the ClotPro cup and pin experience a relative movement, driven by an elastic element.


In the ClotPro analyzer the cup is rotated and the pin is stationary to facilitate a compact and easy-to-use instrument design.The rotation of the cup is detected by a high sensitivity electronic sensor.

The  ClotPro analysis uses the established cup and pin method. During coagulation the blood adheres onto the surfaces of the cup and pin and the mechanical strength of the blood clot is continuously determined.


Software Solutions

ClotPro software was designed for intuitive and highly efficient performance and documentation of viscoelastometry. Enhanced software features include:

  • Concurrent real time display of 6 measurements 

  • Multiple patients/ samples can be performed at any one time (if configured) to allow for reflex testing and precision.

  • Controls and patient tests can be performed  at the same time 

  • User management - restricting access to site specific configuration options

  • Automatic documentation of user interactions in the audit trail

  • Automatic storage of test results as graphics and data files

  • Screen sharing for live-view of active tests in remote locations on desktop and mobile devices

  • Forwarding of test results by e-mail

  • LIS/HIS connectivity

  • ** Currently for RUO until TGA approval in Australia/New Zealand

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