Haemoview Education


Our dedication to training helps health care professionals stay current with the latest advances in the point-of-care testing, targeted testing and bleeding management.

Our team works to create an environment and format that presents the content in new and interesting ways to ensure maximum participation and value.

Customised onsite training
Custom Onsite Education

We are  committed to providing information and a support program for education, research and an interdisciplinary approach to improving the quality of patient care. 

Your local Haemoview representatives and trainers are happy to answer questions and help you set up your Haemoview systems, as well as provide onsite training tailored to you and your staff.

Product Information
Customer Portal

Haemoview Diagnostics  provides easy access to all product related information, including, manuals, inserts, brochures, videos and much more.

This ensures a high level of quality and relevance on topics surrounding all aspects of targeted testing, haemostasis  and bleeding management.

Our Online Training Courses

Clot Pro Viscoelastic testing


Viscoelastic Testing

DOAC Urine testing


DOAC Urine 



Platelet Function Testing


Platelet Function



Online Training with Certification

Learn at your own pace, in your own setting. Our easy-to-follow online modules for all of our products offer a convenient training option. 

In a fast-paced environment where quick decision-making can save lives, the right level of competencies is essential. With little time and many devices to handle, training and competencies are mandatory requirements most healthcare professionals.

Our E-Learning Program helps you efficiently establish and manage the competencies and know-how for our devices according to the responsibilities of your staff.

The program ensures the required training and competencies are well documented and easily accessible upon request.

Once assigned modules are completed, the modules are always available for a quick refresher.


There are no expirations or time limits, nor any capacity limits. There are several self-paced modules that focus on our range of products. Some courses include in-service videos, while others are interactive modules focusing on how to use or products for basic and advanced users.


Track the progress of staff compliance and course completion. Certificates of completion are available once each module is completed and annual reminders automatically generated for each user. 

Contact us to check if your hospital or lab has access.