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Haemoview Diagnostics provides health technology to assist clinicians, hematologists, researchers, and scientists understand, manage & treat  bleeding and thrombosis.

Our aim is to help guide & support hemostasis management through targeted diagnostics.

We do this by assessing the causes of bleeding and thrombosis.

Combined with our excellent customer service, our products provide detailed hemostasis testing ensuring the accurate and fast delivery of information to clinicians and improved patient care..

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Our Areas of Expertise

Our products provide valuable information about a patient's hemostatic status, helping healthcare providers assess the risk of bleeding or thrombosis, guide transfusion strategies, and monitor the effectiveness of anticoagulant or procoagulant therapies.

We want to help you be confident using our products, and ensure you have safe & reliable solutions that contribute to the development of new medical knowledge, clinical practices, and innovations in the field of healthcare.

It is our expertise and passion for what we do that stands us apart from others and ensures ongoing success and improved patient care.

Emergency Service Examination

Point Of Care

Our devices utilise minimal blood volume and offer choice, flexibility, and the latest testing technology. Supporting  Patient Blood Management (PBM)  and National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Compliance.



Support of the laboratory is essential to many offering haemostasis testing, and our products can be integrated to support clinicians with targeted testing diagnostics with fast results. Since confidence in the subsequent clinical decision-making is essential, our products feature LIS in integration, real-time remote viewing and RCPA programs. 



Our innovative technologies support the development of scientific innovation, advanced diagnosis, and treatment of bleeding and thrombosis and lead to improvements in clinical care for both humans and our veterinary medicine colleagues.

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