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From the leading developer of conventional thromboelastometry and multiple electrode aggregometry (MEA- Multiplate), ClotPro is the latest in viscoelastic testing (VET) technology.

Using established cup & pin technology, ClotPro has evolved more than any other device with its design flexibility and superior testing capabilities.

Providing rapid bedside evaluation of whole-blood coagulation, ClotPro's combination of standard and newly developed tests provides significant benefits compared to conventional, standard viscoelastic coagulation monitoring for the detection of thrombosis and assessment of haemostasis and coagulation.


Six independent channels

Perform only the tests you need 

  Operating costs kept  to a minimum.​

Mobile & Portable setups

Personalised test panel options

Adult & Paediatric applications

Established Parameters

 Results in less than 3 minutes to your first treatable parameter 

Familar diagnostics 

 Clotting Time ( CT)  Amplitude (A5)

 Lysis ( ML)

User Friendly

Onscreen guidance

Custom set up options

Intuitive User Interface

Clear & Informative Display

Large Touch screen

Streamlined test process

Barcode user login

Advanced Capabilities

Perform single tests after any intervention (eg  FIB-Test)

Test more than one patient at a time

Mobile connectivity options for realtime results viewing

Advanced data reporting for research

ClotPro is a 6-channel viscoelastometry analyzer, designed for the rapid analysis of whole blood coagulation.​

The ClotPro system provides on the assessment of factor deficiencies, and anti-coagulants, including DOACS, fibrinogen, platelets, hyper and hypo fibrinolysis, and ani-fibrinolytic drugs.

The most comprehensive range of testing options in the market.

ClotPro Cartridge


The ClotPro® active-tip cartridges eliminate all reagent handling without requiring to run fixed 4 tests like other devices.

Allowing flexibility in testing, the technology brings back the power to choose what tests are performed based on clinical need, reducing cost.

Each active tip cartridge comes individually sealed with room temperature stability, minimizing wastage &  operating costs.​

A standard citrate tube is used for blood collection, with each test only requiring 340 µL of citrated blood per test.

The ClotPro shows excellent precision; a strong correlation with standard laboratory tests and other VET systems.

Superior Choices


Standard tests

ClotPro offers nine tests,  including the established screening assays (EX-test, FIB-test, AP-test, IN-test, HI-test). Small pack sizes (10 cartridges) further assist cost management and are ideal for smaller sites.

ClotPro  Test OPtions



Probably the most important feature that ClotPro® provides is the introduction of additional test options such as Russel’s viper venom test (RVV-test) and the ecarin test (ECA-test). Used for the detection of direct thrombin inhibitors or factor Xa-antagonists, respectively.

ClotPro DOAC Assessment Pathway



The TPA assay contains a recombinant tissue plasminogen activator and may be used to identify impaired fibrinolysis as a result of tranexamic acid or due to intrinsic impaired fibrinolysis           (Fibrinolytic resistance).

ClotPro TPA-Test Explained


ClotPro software was designed to be intuitive, informative, and simple to use..

The ClotPro has a small footprint with flexible setup options.


Parameters and results are familiar to those using legacy viscoelastic testing devices.

Software features include:
• Real-time display options on both fixed and mobile devices
• QC and Data Mangement options
• Simple and streamlined LIS interface

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