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Terms of Use



Thank you for accessing and using the website (“Website”) by  Haemoview Diagnostics(Haemoview) Pty  Ltd.

By accessing and using any part of this Website, you shall be deemed to have accepted to be legally bounded by the Terms of Use governing this Website. If you do not agree to these Terms of Use,  please do not use this Website and log off immediately.


Any continued use of this Website at any time will imply that you have accepted these Terms of Use.

These Terms of Use may be changed from time to time, at the discretion of Haemoview.  All the latest changes will be published on this page, and your use of this Website will constitute your agreement to the Terms of Use as published.



 Intellectual Proprietary Rights

This Website and its contents (in parts or in whole) are protected by copyright, trademark, and other forms of intellectual property law in  Australia and international treaties. All rights, title, and interest in this Website and its contents are owned by or licensed to Haemoview.

General Notes
The access to, and use of, the website of Haemoview Diagnostics is subject to the following conditions. Should you disagree with those conditions, please do not visit the relevant pages.

The website of Haemoview Diagnostics was developed by us. The contents of the Internet pages are compiled with great care and are updated regularly. We, therefore, reserve the right to modify and/or amend the information provided without prior notice. The information provided on our website is aimed at satisfying an initial need for information; the information is not, however, to be regarded as a substitute for medical or other professional advice.




Results from the products on this website should not be the sole basis for a patient diagnosis but should be evaluated together with the patient's medical history, the clinical picture, and if necessary, further coagulation tests.

Limitation of Liability

Haemoview Diagnostics does not warrant that the information provided on its website is complete, accurate, and up-to-date. The information is provided without any, express or implied, representation or warranty of any kind.

Haemoview Diagnostics shall not be liable for any damage or injuries resulting from the access or prevent access, or the use or prevented use, of this website, nor shall  Haemoview Diagnostics be liable for any damage or injuries resulting from a failure to seek further advice in reliance on the accuracy of the information provided.

Third-Party Websites and Links

Our website may contain links to internet pages of third parties. The inclusion of those links does not, however, constitute a recommendation. We do not check the accuracy or completeness of the contents provided there and we do not, therefore, assume any responsibility for any damage resulting from the use of such information.

Use of the information provided

No part of the contents or materials available on this Website shall be copied, reproduced, republished, retransmitted, uploaded, posted, or distributed in any form without the prior written permission of  Haemoview.

As a user of this Website and its services, you may view this Website and its contents using your web browser and save an electronic copy, or print out a copy (if permitted in the system), of limited parts of this Website solely for your own personal use, provided that you keep intact all accompanying copyright and other proprietary notices.

Modification of any part of the Website or any of its contents, or use of the Website or its contents for any purpose other than those allowed by these Terms of Use will be a violation of Haemoview's copyright and other intellectual property rights.

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