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Fibrinolytic Potential

The #clotpro#TPA-test is a new viscoelastic point-of-care test assay to assess fibrinolytic potential. TPA-test stands for “tissue plasminogen activator-test.” The test results in an extrinsically stimulated coagulation with r-tPA-stimulated hyperfibrinolysis. Its significance is poised to expand across a myriad of clinical domains, and we are immensely proud to stand at the forefront of this evolution.

This paper introduces a new term fibrinolytic potential: a higher fibrinolytic potential is expressed as shorter TPA-test lysis time (LT). Although not 100% PPV in conjunction with the 4ts , it could be a useful measurable risk factor for the early recognition of PPH. Further research is needed to integrate fibrinolytic potential into established risk scores to refine their predictive ability and evaluate its use to guide targeted antifibrinolytic therapy in PPH and other fields.


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